Evolis printer to offer laser engraving

Cartes Tradeshow, France, November 4, 2014. Evolis, the European leader in solutions for plastic card personalization, announces the availability of Core, the very first Evolis printer to offer laser engraving, a technology provided in partnership with Ixla.

A unique system for highly secured cards

For governmental applications (national IDs, driver’s licenses, etc.), or applications in corporate environments (access control badges, for example), selected card profiles require tamperproof security.

To support this requirement, Evolis has partnered with Italian company, Ixla, an expert in laser engraving technology, to design Core to be a powerful and multifeature card system.

Leveraging the assets of existing Evolis printers (Primacy for graphic and electrical personalization, and Securion for lamination), Core also benefits from a state-of-the-art laser module. It stands as the only system in today’s market to combine data encoding, double-sided dye sublimation printing in color, laser engraving and lamination.

All four features mentioned above can be enabled in a single pass. The underlying modules work together, taking performances and efficiency to new heights. The encoding module can support a variety of technologies: magnetic, contact smart cards and contactless cards.


Laser engraving for tamper-proof cards and badges

Laser engraving makes it possible to integrate highly secured items within cards and badges, such as text and microtext, ghost images, laser-protected graphics. This is achieved either by combining monochrome laser engraving and color printing (LPI® process – Laser Protected Image*), or by altering the engraving angle so that several graphics can be featured on a card (CLI process – Changeable Laser Image). Such laser-enabled techniques aim at fighting card forgery.

Besides, to comply with all security requirements for producing cards and badges, Core offers a locking system that prevents access to the laser module and to the lamination films.


A unique positioning in the market

Core uniquely positions itself to support the delivery of card-based identification documents, with color picture and laser engraving that offer security and sustainability in the long run. The upfront investment and overall TCO for Core are limited, since all components of the offering are cost-efficient: the printer itself, as well as the consumables.

With Core, Evolis clearly taps markets that require premium security. Today, we have a unique and flexible system at the forefront of quality, price and functionality”, says Philippe Lesellier, Product Manager, Evolis.

*The LPI® (Laser Protected Image) process has been designed by Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh. All rights reserved.

About Ixla (www.ixla.it): Since 2003, Ixla has been designing laser engraving technology for plastic card personalization systems. Based in Switzerland and Italy, Ixla has a team of seasoned engineers in mechanical engineering, electronics, laser technologies and software development. Their mission consists in designing next-generation laser engraving technologies (hardware and software) that seamlessly bring that functionality to new product developments. Today, Ixla stands as a reliable and qualified partner for manufacturers of plastic card personalization systems.